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We understand the benefits of synergy between design, technology, production and quality, as we have all of them at our disposal here, we are able to pass these rewards on to our customers.

Tree design studio walltextures (exit & int),wall papers, murals, wall paintings,art works, sculptures, wall graphics,Royal play,Oikos, Golden Leef designs,Applications,Selections,Installations. Many colours and designs are available for both residential and business environments.We makes an interior come alive with texture wallcovering. We commits to continuous innovation, one of the recent additions to our factory is a high tech scattering machine, which enables tiny beads and particles to be adhered to a wall-covering.

The texture, colour and light reflection can be added as an accent or can be simply used to create a beautiful design with stunning results and excellent durability and adhesion.Explore our latest collections from the Tree design studio, brought to you hot off the Walltexture,wallpaprs & murels. Discover a wealth of breathtaking prints, weaves and wallcoverings, which will offer you the ultimate in verve and versatility and make decorating your home both enjoyable and effortless.


Our Work


Wall Paper

We are developed wallpapers with a range of raw materials, such as Paper-backed vinyl, Fabric-backed vinyl, nonwoven backing and textile wallcoverings, in addition to other such alternative finishes. We are deeply committed to the highest environmental standards.



Tree design studios manufacture, design and distribute decorative wall finishes, both robust and of the highest quality,walltextures (exit & int),wall papers, murals, wall paintings,art works, sculptures, wall graphics,Royal play,Oikos, Golden Leef designs,Applications,Selections,Installations.



Transform your rooms with a magnificent wall mural from the Treedesign Studio collection. Every mural is made to order and available in a range of material finishes to suit your style, taste and décor. We can deliver the final product ready for you to fit yourself, or one of our team can install it for you.

Who We Are

Tree design studios has embraced its heritage by producing breathtaking designer walltextures (exit & int), wall papers, murals, wall paintings, art works, sculptures, wall graphics, Royal play,Oikos, Golden Leef designs, Applications, Selections, Installations in an all-encompassing selection of designs and textures. We are able to reproduce many of our designs on a contract rated vinyl base paper that will conform to commercial fire retardant and wash-ability standards. We utilise the latest technology in digital printing to produce large-scale digital designs and combines the latest production methods with traditional printing techniques to produce reproductions of historic designs.


Why Choose Us


Tree design studios using the very latest technology, this can be a full scatter design, or just used to highlight an image in register from other print processes.We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of wallpaper,walltexture & murals innovation the Tree Design technical teams are constantly looking for new ideas and techniques. We specialises in cutting-edge design, and within its comprehensive portfolio of designer you will discover an amazing breadth of Wallpapers and walltextures in a dazzling array of colours. From bold and contemporary to understated and classically elegant, there's a vast choice and a world of opportunity to help you transform your home.

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